Of course I can make bespoke tile tables and tile panels.You can visit my studio, to get an idea of all the possibilities, or we can communicate by phone or email.

Tables can be made to your specifications, you could use one of the tile panels I have in my studio, or I can make a tile panel specifically for your table. The steel frame is powder coated in a colour matching the tiles.

Tile panels can be used as a backsplash for a kitchen, in the bathroom or to tile a fireplace. I am specialized in decorated tiles, but I can also make plain tiles in one colour, to complement a tile panel or give a colour accent in a black and white design. These plain ones are cheaper of course.

 If we agree on a design I will make a drawing and get you a quote. Sometimes you agree immediately and sometimes the design needs adjustment. No problem.

Then I get to work. Production time for a table is around four weeks, depending on the planning of the blacksmith I collaborate with.

For tile panels it depends very much on the amount of tiles you want. I first have to make the tiles, which involves at least two weeks drying time. Then after glazing they have to dry again before they go in the kiln. Firing takes 2 days and some designs need more than one firing. So I need at least 5 to 8 weeks. 


Some I have ready for shipping and some I have to make specifically for you. I charge 15 € for a sample tile in one colour and 35€ for every decorated tile sample, exclusive of shipping cost.