My work is about pattern, colour and surface quality in ceramic glazes. It is unapologetic aesthetic. There is no deeper meaning or concept. I am looking for interesting glaze and form combinations which I then use for the decoration of my ceramics. These ceramics consist mainly of tiles and tile tables but also of vases and dishes. The forms of my ceramics are simple, it is all about the surface.

When I started exploring ceramics I soon realized that it is the surface which makes it special, form can be made with anything these days. Ceramic glazes can have an amazing depth and liveliness. I started specializing in glazing and now I experiment endlessly with developing, testing and combining different glazes.

There is a grid underlying nearly all my designs, maybe a remnant from my background as an architect. The grid counterbalances the handmade lines and dots. My inspiration comes from the urban environment, but also from art, textiles and nature.